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Elizabeth Carpenter is a hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, and healer who has helped thousands of people recover their health and transform their lives.

Her 1:1 sessions, speaking and teaching are driven by the conviction that our bodies heal, our minds become our servants, and our hearts release anguish when we are ready for a miracle. Miracles are radical transformations within.

In her straightforward, compassionate, empowering style, she helps patients and audiences rewire their minds and cue their bodies for lasting, positive, permanent change.

If you are wondering how you got so stuck, fearful, lost, anxious, or are experiencing frustration and despair over physical issues, then here is the answer:

You’ve been trained right out of your own ability to know what’s going on with yourself and your body.

But science is leading us back . . .

In all healing systems that have withstood the test of time (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, many more) the notion that the body is somehow distinct from the mind, emotion, heart, and spirit does not exist.

In fact, this idea of the physical body being its own thing, with its own issues is relatively new, and unique to modern biomedicine.

Our most current science tracks us straight back to our spiritual nature, an integrated state within, that we can access and use easily. For healing, for fulfillment, for love, for achievement.

If you are looking for real change in your life or health, I am here for you.

I invite you into an authentic, hopeful, effective and transformational process to create enduring change in your life or health.

And don’t worry, we’ll respect and work with your biomedical care if you’re on a medical journey.

I look forward to witnessing the powerful and rapid changes in your life, and your tremendous success. It’s all connected – wellness, abundance, business, relationships, love, joy.

Our first step is always an Introductory Consult Call.

I look forward to learning about you, and helping you access and harness your limitless potential!


Make Your Pandemic Shift

"Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine"

Manju Rentala

Brilliant, compassionate and soulful, Elizabeth is changing the face of women’s health.

Dr. Randine Lewis, Ph.D.
Author, The Infertility Cure

I'm not being superfluous when I say that working with Elizabeth gave me my life back.

Sarah N.
Brooklyn, NY

Heal Your Heart,
Master Your Mind,
Empower Your Body

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