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Next Level Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the main energy medicine therapy of the practice.

Next Level Acupuncture refers to how our philosophy and approach shapes the way this highly effective ancient medicine is employed for the complications of 21st century patients.

We further invite you to read Elizabeth's post on How Acupuncture Works from a medical research point of view.

Even though acupuncture is now well known and widely used, there are still two main FAQ's:

Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is the best-known branch of Chinese medicine, the main healthcare system for roughly one-quarter of the world.  In 2003, the World Health Organization published a report about clinical research trials and acupuncture's effectiveness in more than one hundred conditions, syndromes, diseases, and syndromes.  

The list of what acupuncture can help with is ever expanding. For those with their eyes on research, here is the National Center for Biotechnology Information's evidence map on acupuncture.

Next Level Acupuncture is the core therapy for most of our patients.

What is Acupuncture Like?

Receiving acupuncture is nothing like getting an injection or having your blood drawn. The only resemblance in the needles is that they are sterile, single-use and disposable.

Acupuncture needles are so hair-fine they are flexible, and only cause a small bit of sensation as they go in.

Even before all of them are in, you will most likely experience a state of deeply relaxed calm. In general, we use high-level strategy so that we need to use only a few needles no matter how many complaints or goals you have. Good strategy allows a few well-chosen acupuncture points to "multitask" to effectively address numerous considerations.

The majority of patients drift into a refreshing sleep during the roughly half hour the needles stay in. Others report relaxing but remaining awake as they notice sensations of energy gently moving from place to place throughout the body, as the acupuncture does its work.

You do not have to stay completely still, and are able to move as needed should you wish to change position.  You are in a spa-like private room with music of your choice and low lights to encourage rest. Your in-room bell allows staff to come in before the end of your programmed rest time should you wish to summon them.


Next Level Reiki

Reiki is well known for its soothing, calming effect, its gentleness, and the sense of well-being and renewal most people experience upon receiving it.

Next Level Reiki builds upon traditional reiki.  It is a form of Medical Qi Gong developed by Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac.  The peace and relaxation of reiki and the strategic conduction of energy towards a therapeutic goal of qi gong.  Both of these ancient healing practices from the East involve the practitioner's hands placed on or near the patient at various locations. Biomagnetic pulsations from the practitioner’s hands strategically direct the patient’s electromagnetic fields to cause healing.

Read more on Next Level Reiki...


Bowen Therapy

Elizabeth brought Bowen Therapy into the practice in 2002 to cover what Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine could not do for pain and injury patients – reset their spine and joints. At the time she was contemplating returning to school for chiropractic or PT for this purpose, but after experiencing Bowen for her own chronic shoulder injury, the choice was clear. Fast results, not painful, few treatments needed.

Bowen work resets your spine and joints through extremely gentle touch, working only with soft tissue.  There is no cracking, forcing or pain. Although most patients relax or even sleep through the treatment, the body eagerly absorbs the information that the tiny light pressure moves on the fascia provide. When you get up, things are working again. You will clearly feel the change, and by repeating range of motion tests the pain or mobility progress is assessed.   Read more on Bowen Therapy


Harmonyum Healing™

Elizabeth brought Harmonyum to the practice in 2013, to help loosen the grip of negative thought and emotion patterns that often accompany our stress and ill-health.

Harmonyum is a rather new therapy in the landscape of energy medicine.  It was conceived and developed Naam Yoga founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, a world renown teacher and spiritual leader.  Inspired by their friendship and extraordinary conversations on science, healing, human spiritual nature and the pursuit of meaning and purpose in life, Elizabeth experienced Harmonyum treatment from Dr. Levry himself and felt its gentle unwinding power.

Harmonyum is Safe for Everyone

  • Infants and Children
  • Pregnant Women
  • Compatible with any Medical Treatment or Natural Therapy
  • No Side Effects or Risks
  • No Contraindications

Below is a description of Harmonyum, adapted from Dr. Levry's Los Angeles center website:

This gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hand's-on modality helps strengthen and balance the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting the body's capacity to heal itself.

It is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions.  Harmonyum may serve as a complementary treatment for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies, including cancer therapies, as part of palliative care.

Harmonyum treatments are a form of Reiki. The patient is fully clothed and simply rests during the session.

Reported Benefits of Harmonyum Healing

  • Deep rest and inner peace (rejuvenating)
  • Superior health (revitalizing)
  • Building of stamina (energizing)
  • Accelerated recovery (long work week, jet lag, injuries, illnesses, heartbreak, nervous system/stress, fatigue etc.)
  • Recalibration of body and mind while bringing emotional balance
  • Increased mental and physical performance
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