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Detoxification for Anti-Aging

My husband and I joke sometimes, “Who are you and what have you done with my husband/wife?”
Last week he did this to me when I emerged from the train, after not seeing each other for the week. “You look ten years younger—did you get my detox set up yet?” I’m early on in my own Detox Mastery Program and he wants in on the anti-aging.

Detox is everywhere these days, and there is no shortage of hype, fads, and misinformation. Anti-aging is a marketing buzz word and a branch of medicine largely referring to cosmetic dermatology and surgery.

But there is REAL anti-aging, and it has to do with and begins with, detoxification.

Taking Out the Trash

If you want to:

  • Look younger,
  • Be mentally sharper,
  • Have more energy,
  • Sleep soundly and wake rested,
  • Balance hormones,
  • Reduce mood swings,
  • Have fewer colds and less severe allergies,
  • Eliminate or reduce chronic pain,
  • Improve your memory,
  • Lose weight & keep it off…

Then your cells need you to take out the trash!

“Detox” refers to the body’s own processes for “taking out the trash.” Think about the last time you forgot to take out the kitchen trash when there was food waste in there. Hold your nose. Courage up--what else is in there now? It smells awful because of bacteria, fungi, and other critters breeding and crawling around.

And the same happens to you on the inside.

That’s the macro level—the organ level. You hear about liver cleanses and juice fasts. But your cells need their trash taken out too. They do a lot of work, and they manufacture waste in the process. When we take out the trash for our cells, we turn back our clocks. This is true anti-aging.

Three-Level Detox is the Key

Real and effective detoxification actually takes place on three levels—not just one:

1. The organs, lymph & blood – this is called opening detox pathways—it’s the macro level opening the door to offloading toxins (this is the level most cleanses hit).

2. The extracellular matrix, fat, and collagen – this is where today’s advanced neuro and endotoxins get safe-harbored by the body to protect your brain and other vital structures from impact.

3. The cell and cell membrane – this where the impact is—if you look and feel older than you’d like, or have chronic health or chronic weight issues, you need to engage detoxification at this level.

Detox Done Right

Many detox programs stir up the toxins, but they don’t do such a great job helping get the offending molecules processed and out of the body. They push through the first big load, so you feel great in no time, but they don’t go the next mile, and that can be dangerous.

“Detox Done Right” means that your body can increase its self-cleansing processes and use nutrition to remove the toxins and encourage the body’s return to optimal health.

Only by supporting the body’s own deeper processes can detox be safe, gentle, and effective.

Living in The Matrix?

Modern chemistry makes detoxification a new game.

We absorb residues of advanced chemicals in our personal care products (shampoos, lotions, makeup), lawn care, tap water, medications, buildings, furnishings, clothing, cleaners, air pollution, pesticides, food additives, and on and on.

We take in radiation from our cell phones, iPads and computers, Times Square, microwaves, radios, TVs and every other piece of technology and power source.

These toxins are stored in our fat and extracellular matrix. Detoxification needs to be targeted to these storage centers.

This is actually the key to real weight loss and ideal weight maintenance because the body needs fat to keep you safe from toxin impact -- and the reverse is also true.

Clean up at the level of the extracellular matrix, and you won’t need the weight. Your body will be glad to get rid of it.

But until you detox at that level, your weight will be stubborn and return every time you get off your diet! Fat is a safety mechanism!

Anti-Aging = Cellular Repair

Most chronic health issues from pain to infertility, weight loss resistance to high blood pressure, wrinkles and sagging skin to allergies, benefit from cellular level detoxification.

The key phrase in that sentence was “cellular level.”

Signs of aging (diminished capacity) are reflections of our cells no longer being able to perform whatever they, specifically, are programmed to do, in an efficient and effective manner.

When we reduce oxidation and inflammation—lift the burden from the cells—we facilitate repair and thriving at the cellular level.

That’s REAL anti-aging.

Do You Have A Toxic Burden?

1. Are you constipated?
2. Does caffeine make you wired?
3. Do you eat tuna or swordfish?
4. Drink tap water?
5. Do you rarely sweat?
6. Live in a city?
7. Live or work in a closed structure?
8. Do you take Rx medication?
9. Do you get headaches?
10. Are your clothes dry cleaned?
11. Do you smoke? Or are you around smoking?
12. Use alcohol frequently?
13. Are you fatigued?
14. Do you have fibromyalgia?
15. Hormonal imbalances?
16. Infertility?
17. Sensitive to odors (gas, perfume)?
18. Family history of cancer, diabetes?
19. Are you forgetful?
20. Do you have a chronic disease?

Is your toxic burden preventing you from living in optimal health? Frankly, everyone needs to detox.

But the more of the above “warning signs,” you have, the more important detoxification becomes. They suggest deep, cellular level detox is necessary to lose and keep off weight, heal conditions, and unleash your body’s inner healing vitality.

If you have questions or would like to explore 3-Phase Detoxification, simply call or email Oriens: 212.213.5785 or and ask to speak with me. We’ll discuss your situation and confirm you are a candidate for this powerful yet gentle program.

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