Meet Elizabeth 2020

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Carpenter
L.Ac., ARTT, Cl. Hyp.
Oriens Living, New York

I came to this work because years ago my life took a turn I didn’t expect and didn’t want.

In the blink of an eye, an injury threatened to take from me everything I’d worked for. Out of sheer desperation, it pushed me to get help from alternative medicine. I would NEVER have done that had I not been desperate.

The injury got me in the door. But being there, working with that particular healer, transformed my life, for the better, forever. On every level.

I’m here today, paying it forward, because of that life-changing experience.

Like me back then, you are probably here today because a problem is stealing your life.

  • Have you received a devastating medical diagnosis like MS, cancer, infertility?
  • Is fear, anxiety, depression, obsession, grief or some other all-consuming emotional state dominating you? Are you at the mercy of your mind?
  • Is your body out of your control doing [or refusing to do] things?
  • Are you struggling with perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome or low self-esteem?

Help Isn’t Always Helpful

If you’re like most of my patients and clients, you’ve been to soooo many doctors and healers already. Some things have partly worked. The information is sometimes contradictory and confusing. And you’re still struggling.

Or perhaps you are at the very beginning of seeking help.

But you know there are answers.

I have been through so many of the above scenarios myself.

And I have helped thousands of patients and clients overcome them too.

My Story in a Nutshell

I grew up in a family lineage of law and medicine.

I was absolutely someone who had drunk the medical Kool-aid:

Your health is a hand of cards you’ve been dealt, You are at the mercy of genetics and circumstance.

I left college with the opportunity to dance professionally and the law school plan in my back pocket. I was dancing in San Francisco when one day, out of the blue, I could not bend my knees. They were in searing pain.

If you don’t know anything else about professional dance, you probably know that for every dancer working there are 1000+ in line behind hoping for their job!

I went straight to the orthopedic surgeon, who told me I had chondromalacia patella – i.e. my knee caps had deteriorated and they’d have to operate.

This was the 80’s. Arthroscopic surgery was just getting popular. I remember the surgeon excitedly sharing that Tom Seaver, pitcher for the Mets, was having it on his shoulder. I also remember him saying 6 months rehab to walking, running maybe after that, better look for a new career.

I was freaking out, and, believing that doctors are always right, I scheduled the surgery.

I was only 26 years old, in my prime, living my dream and this could not be happening. It was completely unfair. I was angry and powerless.

Then a dancer colleague told me to go see her acupuncturist. I recall spraying a mouthful of coca-cola, I laughed so hard.

Given my family background, the idea of trusting my knees to hocus pocus folk medicine was utterly ridiculous in my biomedically biased and naïve, small mind.

But with everything to lose,
and the rationale that there was
nothing an acupuncturist could do to me that surgery wouldn’t override,
I made the appointment.

I remember the acupuncturist’s response to my story, “I don’t believe that diagnosis. You’re young. You haven’t had an accident. And there wasn’t any lead-up. . . Let’s prove them wrong.”

When I got up from her acupuncture table my mind was blown.

I was 50% out of pain and could do a demi plié. That’s ballet speak for bend my knees just to the point your heels would come off the ground.

I asked if I could come back tomorrow.

After the second treatment, I could do a grand plié (full knee bend to the ground and back up), jump, land, and pirouette (trying all this out in her treatment room) . . . all without pain. It was as if I’d never had a problem.

I canceled surgery.

I went back to rehearsal (and danced professionally for 10 more years)!

I remember thinking, “there’s so much wrong with me. If she can do this maybe she can help me with all this other stuff.”

And so the complete healing of my [insert laundry list of gastrointestinal, immune, gynecologic and chronic fatigue] issues began!

My whole view on medicine was getting turned upside down.

I had never been in a doctor’s office where the doctor-patient relationship wasn’t “I’m the authority and you’re the problem-ridden [maybe I should be ashamed?] patient” affair.

When I think back now to how unwell and ignorant I was, I can’t even believe I had the career I had.

To me, my life can be broken into before and since that pivotal injury. Because what happened to me, for me, within me, in this healer’s treatment rooms wasn’t just a very skillful herb and acupuncture strategy, or spot on dietary advice and instruction on how to take care of my body.

What happened, was “her.”

Her practice was a container where I laid it all out – my health problems, my emotional jam, my fear, my aspirations - and we had “real” conversations that changed my inner game.

Every bit the expert, she wielded medicine skillfully. She brought the deep insights and wisdom from Chinese medicine along with modern biomedical information. She had so much knowledge and skillsets to draw from to help me.

And, very importantly, she was herself. Straight talk. She shared her own challenge stories, other patient stories, empowered me, educated me. She was the real deal. Our conversations were deep, easy, non-judgmental.

I became powerfully aware that it wasn’t just my health that was changing. It was everything – my moods, my perspective, my values, my heart.

I went through what I now call “a massive consciousness upgrade.”

My western medicine mind opened to the East, to meditation, to the spiritual mysteries of life, and especially to Chinese medicine’s profound teaching that “The heart holds the mind and rules the body.”

I now see that knee injury as the Universe’s way of getting me to this great healer so I could re-track my whole life for my next chapter.

I not only became a powerful creator of my own health and life,
I felt called to do for others what she had done for me.

When I retired, having danced every major stage on most continents, I went straight to Chinese Medicine school.

I opened my doors in 1998. Since then thousands of patients have privileged me with the opportunity to help them.

People’s Real Needs
...are universal:

  • Full solutions – not bandaids or temporary fixes.
  • To get to the bottom of what’s up and heal that.
  • To feel heard, seen, understood, supported.
  • To be empowered and educated – so you get in your own driver’s seat and are in control going forward.
  • To get your hope and your life back.
  • To know “you got this” and release all fear.

These are the real patient, real human needs that drive my practice. They have driven my ongoing education choices over the last 22 years.

You can see the many trainings and certifications in my bio. Each of them brings something essential to the practice.


I select the strategies I’ve proven to really work (personally and with so many patients and clients) and organically integrate the right ones into a completely customized solution for each person.

Because the attention paid delivers outcomes.

Whether that’s a drug or an herb, a hands-on treatment or a surgery, a lifestyle, a mental habit. The attention paid – physically, mentally – changes the game.


might be an overused woo woo term, but it encapsulates a core truth:

Everything about you -- from cell behavior to mood to performance is connected. It’s all dancing together – a consciousness tango – messages fly everywhere, constantly, within you.

And when we take that seriously, change happens. And often, it happens really fast.

For now, please realize...

  • You have so much more power than you might think.
  • Whether you are 18 or 80, you can heal.
  • Your body and mind communicate and collaborate in one operating system that will make or break
  • The beliefs you hold about yourself, your potential, your worth matter.
  • You can create a life you love and the health you deserve. You can be happy.  You matter.

If this resonates with you, our first step is always a conversation about what’s going on with you and discussing how this work could change your life.

To get started: Request an Introductory Consult Call, and we’ll connect.



Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College

Masters of Science, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

NCCAOM Diplomat (boarded), Acupuncture & Herbology

Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer School

Certified Practitioner of Bowen Therapy, National Bowen Academy of Australia

Qualified HeartMath® Instructor, The HeartMath® Institute

Personal Resilience Mentor, The HeartMath® Institute

Certified Harmonyum Healing Practitioner, Naam Yoga Therapies

Other Advanced Training: Functional Nutrition, Cold Laser Therapy, Meditation, Medical Qi Gong



Elizabeth has served on the faculties of Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Oberlin College, the University of California at Sonoma, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and Touro University.

She has helped train and supervise hundreds of acupuncturists and develop curriculum at the Masters level.

Working closely with Dr. Randine Lewis (author, The Infertility Cure), Elizabeth has taught at Dr. Lewis' Fertile Soul™ retreats and is a founding member of Dr. Lewis' infertility integrative medicine specialist association, Clinical Excellence in Fertility Professionals (CEFP).


Organizational Consulting

Elizabeth serves on the boards of and is a member of several professional organizations.

She has been an advisor to the Acupuncture Society of New York, the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and the New York State Acupuncture Coalition.

She is a consultant on integrative medicine and the topic of how biomedicine and complementary medicine can co-treat to serve the patient best.

She was part of the roundtable that developed Haelth (Old English for "Health"), an integrative medicine model adopted by several hospitals, using research in practice to bridge the gap between mainstream and alternative medicine.


Professional Organizations

International Association of Counselors & Therapists

American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture Society of New York

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine



Elizabeth is a featured speaker and presenter for both small and large organizations. Please visit the Speaking page for more detail.