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Fertility Program FAQ

What is The Overcoming Infertility Program?

The Overcoming Infertility Program page is a holistic healthcare approach to treating root causes of infertility, naturally, and in partnership with physicians.

After you conceive, The Overcoming Infertility Program automatically converts into a Well-Pregnancy Program.

What if I don't live in New York City?

If you're an international patient or live outside of New York, we adapt the program through telephone or Zoom.

If you have local providers, we may collaborate with them in your care.

For those closer but not local (e.g., Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia) you will come to New York once or twice per month for in-office care and, if needed, we will collaborate with your local acupuncturist between-visits care.

How is The Overcoming Infertility Program different from Fertility Acupuncture, or TCM?

There are several differences!

Published research on the methodology of The Overcoming Infertility Program details higher live birth rates in both donor and non-donor IVF cycles.

Acupuncture for infertility is most effective inside integrative medicine, combined care protocols targeted to resolve the causes of infertility.

East-West Integrative Medicine Approach  

The Overcoming Infertility Program is an integrative medicine approach in which your case is conferenced, seamlessly, between your Oriens therapists.

Your GYN, RE or other members of your team may participate. Case conferencing puts all your team members on the same page, and up to date, on your progress.

Layered Care

Your treatment plan within The Overcoming Infertility Program will have several components.

These are carefully timed and layered.

In your mid-follicular phase (soon after your period finishes but before ovulation) you may have Acupuncture.

Then as your LH surges (positive ovulation test), you may have ovulation induction with electro-acupuncture.

On your own, the self-care layer shifts to reflect your cycle phase change from nourishing follicles in the ovary to supporting ovulation.

The nutrition layer of your care may be phase-responsive as well, and that information is integrated into your fertility diet through your work with the Fertility Meal Planner.

Self-Care Layer

The Oriens therapists walk you through self-care techniques and easy fertility lifestyle strategies that are appropriate for you. We guide you throughout your cycle, to helping you integrate a treatment plan into your everyday life.

Mind-Body Tools for Stress

We emphasize stress management and resilience development to ease the mental and emotional strain that comes with infertility.

Patients often fear their fertility issues are taking over their lives and altering their relationships.

Our program helps them feel stronger, less fearful, more like themselves.

The Overcoming Infertility Program offers mind-body tools to help you feel both pro-active and calm as you engage your process. These are selected according to what makes sense for you. Some examples are Counseling, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Writing, Qi Gong exercises.

Sounding Board

With our devotion to both the clinic and to the science, working with hundreds of women over the years, we have vast experience, and valuable information to share.

During your appointments, we discuss your concerns and our assessment of your progress.

Patients seek our opinions on the decisions they are discussing with their RE, or in their personal lives in relation to the fertility process. While protecting everyone's anonymity, we are pleased to share our experiences with other cases similar to yours.

Holistic Medicine

This is your life.

The Overcoming Infertility Program is holistic in its scope, offerings, and the delivery of care, attending to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of healing.

What's the first step?

The first step is to determine if The Overcoming Infertility Program is right for you.

You may book a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your case. Or you may simply make a New Patient Appointment. Once you are accepted as a patient in the program, your care strategies and treatment plan will be developed.

Careful examination and evaluation, your health history and biomedical information, successful outcomes of other infertility patients with similar cases in our clinic in the past, research and current best practices, and your timeline will all contribute to the development of your treatment plan.

What is included in The Overcoming Infertility Program?

Your care plan may include all or a portion of the fertility enhancement strategies Oriens offers:


Weekly treatment for biomedical and Chinese medicine diagnosed issues. Systemic and cycle phase-specific care.


Patient-specific Fertility Diet, recipes, meal plans, and Q & A. Session 1 within the first few weeks of the program.
Option to use a program credit toward regular Email Support for ongoing questions.


Universal advice, and specific protocols for you, to integrate into your daily routines.


Chinese Herbal Medicine - whole cycle, or small cycle phase-specific prescriptions based on diagnosis. Herbs represent a separate cost to the patient and are not part of the program. You will purchase directly from the pharmacies and/or from the office.


Basic and specialized fertility nutrition support for conception & pregnancy. Supplements represent a separate cost to the patient and are not part of the program. You will purchase directly from the pharmacies and/or from the office.


In-office sessions teach meditation, breathing and stress management, hands-on healing, self-acupressure, and self-massage techniques.


Between all Oriens therapists and the doctors or other care team members you introduce - creates an integrated & high level of care


When appropriate, we will send you protocol changes as the follow-up to appointments. In addition, you may contact Oriens with important questions and updates from your RE or other MDs.