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"When I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Syndrome my hopes for having a baby were shattered.

With an FSH of 134, I was given a <5% chance of conceiving naturally.

After many tears, I found Elizabeth who restored my faith and body.

With acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and a new diet plan, I floored my RE.  My RE stood in amazement as we saw a little heart beating on the ultrasound screen. Without the need for a donor egg and IVF…I was pregnant!  As I now hold my little girl in my arms, I will be eternally grateful to Elizabeth."

-Rocio Cota-Solar, PT, DPT


"I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure and told I would never conceive.

As I enter my third trimester, I am thankful that Elizabeth helped me connect and trust that my body could heal.  I know the herbs and acupuncture and the whole Oriens program restored my fertility."

-Angela C


"Oriens pays a lot of attention. I like to ask a lot of questions and Elizabeth takes her time to explain things clearly.

I had been told my egg quality was very bad because I was 43.  She agreed that was likely, but thought the reason wasn't necessarily my age.  I did a two-month detoxification she put me on plus acupuncture, then other herbs. My baby is due on my 45th birthday!"

-Sarah S.


Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me overcome fertility issues and get my body into balance naturally. We did a lot of pre-work to get here and I'm now in my 6th month of a healthy and stable pregnancy after 3 years of struggling. She works with my doctors and I wouldn't try to get pregnant again without her. Highly recommend!

-Alexis M.


- Monica K., Oriens Fertility Patient

"I was referred to Elizabeth by The Fertile Soul organization as well as by my acupuncturist in Canada when my husband got transferred to New York for his job.
We had already done five IVF's in Toronto and I was anxious to get going with a new team in the States.

When I sat down with Elizabeth she suggested I take a time out and wanted to refer me to some specialists for testing she felt had not been done. But I did not want to wait, I just wanted fertility acupuncture.

So I did two more IVF's without success. I then went for the special testing, which turned up all manner of problems no RE had ever even asked about!  I had to take a time out now because I had real health issues that were a priority.

My period stopped. If I thought I was frustrated before, now I was terrified. Elizabeth calmly and compassionately walked me through the medical adventures that were to come.

When things were stable, we started herbs. My period returned shortly after that.

Then I went to a particular RE she had in mind who had loads of experience with multiple autoimmune issues, which is part of what Elizabeth picked up on at our first session!  I got pregnant in that IVF with Elizabeth and the RE working together.

We are now back in Canada but when we are ready for a sibling you can bet I will be in New York!"

-Sylvia S.


"I went to Elizabeth for infertility after many unsuccessful IVF's, on the recommendation of my RE who felt we'd exhausted everything but Donor and I was NOT ready for that yet, although I was open to it.

She said it was no rush since Donor was my next step.

So when Elizabeth asked for three months off to "get internally organized for pregnancy" was the way she put it, I agreed.  With the pressure off, I gave it my all and did everything Elizabeth suggested.

The fourth month I went back to the RE.  The blood work and follicle numbers had changed SIGNIFICANTLY and we decided to do one more IVF, which worked.

The experience at Oriens is not like other fertility acupuncture clinics I had been to. It is not woo-woo but it is quite warm.  The team approach is excellent and good answers are provided for everything that is done or requested.  I do think it is the reason IVF finally worked for me."

-Janet M.