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Make Your
Pandemic Shift

Published April 15, 2020
Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac. ARTT,Cl.Hyp.

Here We Are

In the belly of this pandemic beast.

Something we didn't want to acknowledge but knew was coming is finally here.  Catastrophe has sent the whole world to its room.

Some of us are physically vulnerable, or our loved ones are, or our colleagues and friends are. And we're in lockdown, unable to get to one another physically, to help.

Many of us – half? more? – are experiencing economic devastation. We’ve lost our livelihoods, clientele, jobs, opportunities, retirement savings, more.

Every last one of us is experiencing loss of liberty and sense of control.

And now we're learning we could be living like this for months longer? And when we do get back into society, well, "different" doesn't quite capture what life is projected to be like, does it?

How does all this feel?

More than that, we're grieving, whether we acknowledge it or not.
Grief is the natural response to losing something or someone of value to you.

We’re grieving people, resources, and privileges that have disappeared.

We’re grieving the agency to take action, the future we had planned.

We're grieving loss of all we took for granted.

We're grieving the assumption of safety.

We're grieving the notion that this is short term, at sea in the daily speculations from leaders and pundits.

The Unfamiliar Induces Fear

Fear has a purpose:  to get you to take appropriate precautions.

Fear is a natural instinct. So it's normal to feel overwhelm in this mysterious terrain.  We all wonder the same things:

“How will this 'new normal' affect me? What do I [or don't I] have to go back to? If there is no back, what's my forward? How can I help? or, How will I get through the next week, month, year financially?”

If you are experiencing illness, death, financial collapse – everything is deeply real. Astoundingly, we can't even say "goodbye" normally.
For others, it’s a dystopian surreal horror that hasn't hit home, at least not yet.

I have a patient who’s brilliantly told her 7-year-old they’re being “helpers” by staying home. And I think that captures "lockdown" guidelines for the healthy.

Personal Action

We’ve been carefully instructed how not to spread the virus–physical distancing, masks, handwashing . . .

But are you aware your mental and emotional condition is key to stopping the spread?  The interlock between how you respond to stress and your immune system is significant.

You elevate your immune system when you elevate your mental-emotional state.
You also make better decisions and are more resourceful and resilient.

You weaken when you accept fear-mongering and rumors, because your immune system isn't just physical.  Your barriers and boundaries are also mental and spiritual.

Discerning fact from falsehood, anchoring into self-leadership and safety, starts in your own heart and mind.

Your entire physical, mental, and emotional landscape is a highly interactive intelligence network. Your immune system, your nervous system, your hormones, digestion, and every other system shares information. In science its called psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. (3 times fast is a doozy.)

Consciousness spreads system to system, affects cellular behavior, cues biochemistry, engenders emotions. It sets off feedback loops for good, and for ill.

Your mind is the most powerful pharmacy you have.
Where your mind goes, your actions, biology, emotions, and wellbeing follow.

Overcome the Herd Drift of Fear

Resilience, creativity, hope, personal power, vision, stamina, courage, optimism. These are essential characteristics of a life well-lived, well-enjoyed. And they're always available to you.

You can cultivate all of these qualities, relatively easily.  Here's an audio to help you do just that.

When Things Fall Apart

...[and ain't no one, nowhere, who doesn't have to go through that at some point, or many points in a lifetime] that's when you see where you are, for real.

Collectively - right and left, old and young - we agree Life as we've known it has changed, for good. We don't know the details yet. We just know it has.

The expression, "every crisis is an opportunity" has always annoyed me.  Not because it isn't true [it is], but because it's insensitive and incomplete.

There's abundant positive opportunity at hand, but we're also in the midst of grieving and getting the basics down.

I believe we can handle the polarities:
We can be sanely trepidatious and yet resilient.
We can grieve our losses and have optimism about the future.
We can feel discombobulated, lost and reset the compass.

"Adapt to survive, to thrive" is evolution's theme song.

Let's go through this necessary shift, keeping it real, being sane, staying healthy. Let's allow it to be everything it is, simultaneously:
A little or a lot scary
Full of loss
Full of new paths and opportunities
Dawn of a new era in the saga of human history
A chance to rethink and re-envision the future, individually, collectively
A spiritual fork in the road

Want to anchor into your phenomenal coping skills and human superpowers?

Use the audio. Please share it with anyone who could benefit!

Please drop me a line. I'm always eager to hear from you and to learn how I can help.

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