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Who is the Next Level Healing Program For?

If you suffer with a chronic condition, are on a cancer or other medical journey, or if you have been battling an issue for long time with little or no result, Next Level Healing is for you.

How Does the Next Level Healing Program Work?

‘Next Level” refers to the reality that when Life has you on your knees, what you need is a miracle.

Miracles are radical transformations within. Your body heals, your mind becomes your servant, your heart releases anguish.

You may have a whole cadre of doctors, or be alone with an issue you've been too scared to seek help for. You might have a condition labeled “incurable” or experienced an event or loss you can’t “get over.”

I don’t believe people cause their illnesses and emotional pain.

I do believe that when physical and mind-emotion issues plague us, we’re at the threshold of something much better. Maybe that sounds crazy. But it’s my personal experience, and the wonderful surprise countless patients and clients have experienced.

We are so medically trained to run away from pain or fight a problem. No one wants either! But I have found time and again, personally and professionally, that the willingness to first be curious, leads right to the Exit.

It's true that sometimes a physical problem is nothing more than what it seems.

But it's also true that very often, when we're struggling with something, and the solutions available aren't working, the real issue isn't just what the body is "doing."

Mind-Body Medicine dedicates itself to understanding the connection between those two. And the heart is the bridge.

In effect, Mind-Body Medicine is about how everything is connected within you. Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology in medical research speak. Precisely because everything is so connected, problems "translocate" or "display" in areas of the body that are not the location of the problem.

So when we let that into the equation, look at what lies beneath, investigate the connections between your Life so far and the problems you're facing medically and emotionally, things begin to change. Sometimes quite rapidly!

Your body’s capacity to heal is unleashed. Your mind lets go of painful loops and habits. Your relationship with yourself and with others transform.

These are miracles.

What Will Your Next Level Healing Program Look Like? 

We meet for 1.5 hrs each appointment, on a schedule that’s right for you.

Text and email support is available between sessions.

Each session features one or more of the strategies on the list below:

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