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The Next Level Healing Program

This is an In-It-With-You program.

For those on a medical journey or anyone yearning to heal and transform.

Why is it called Next Level Healing?

‘Next Level” refers to the reality that when Life has you on your knees, healing is a miracle.

Miracles are radical transformations within. Our bodies respond, our minds and hearts release anguish when we are ready for a miracle.

You may have a whole cadre of doctors, or be alone with an issue you've been too scared to seek help for. You might have a condition labeled “incurable” or experienced an event or loss you can’t “get over.”

I don’t believe people cause their illnesses and emotional pain.

I do believe that when physical and mind-emotion issues plague us, we’re at the threshold of something much better. Maybe that sounds crazy. But it’s my personal experience, and the wonderful surprise countless patients and clients have experienced.

The willingness to let the heart into your problem leads you to what really needs healing. And that's not usually what forces us to get help. Generally, it's the opposite. A problem has us down on the floor, and the only option is to get help. That's the blessing and the curse.

We are so medically trained to run away from pain or fight a problem. But I have found time and again, personally and professionally, the willingness to be curious leads right to the Exit.

It's true that sometimes a physical problem is nothing more than what it seems.

But it's also true that many many times when we're struggling with something, and solutions aren't working, the real issue is heart pain. The body maps the heart's pains. So when we let the heart in, look at what lies beneath, heal at that level, miracles occur. Your body’s capacity to heal is unleashed. Your mind lets go of painful loops and habits. Your relationship with yourself and with others transforms.

These are miracles.

The body, the mind, and the heart respond to what you give them. And they are all connected. So change begins where you decide to begin. Like dominoes or links of a chain, they pull each other along.

Heart work, coupled with proven physical treatments and mental strategies brings healing at every level for real, enduring change.

The Meta Approach

Each person is different. The combination of treatments and tools we’ll use for you is unique.

But here’s the toolbag we’ll pull from:

  • The heart & consciousness work (hypnotherapy, RTT, HeartMath resilience building, meditation, bespoke audios for the subconscious mind), mindfulness, more.

  • Hands-on treatment (acupuncture, Bowen therapy, medical qi gong, healing stones).

  • Talk-time (counseling, coaching, mentoring, soundboard-ing, medical and other decision considering).

  • Nutrition (diet, supplements)

  • Prescriptions as appropriate (Chinese herbal medicine)

  • Self-care strategies from the worlds of natural health, mind-body, spirituality, fitness, yoga, Qi Gong, books & articles, journaling, more.

  • We meet for 1.5 hrs each appointment, on a schedule that’s right for you.

  • Next Level Healing is an In-It-With-You program. You have access to me through text & email between sessions.

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