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"I first came to Elizabeth in the hopes of addressing some medical ailments that were disrupting my day to day life.

From the first session, my body and problems started to change and everything about me seemed calmer and more peaceful. I was healing already.

The layering of modalities Elizabeth brings to the patient experience makes her one of the most powerful healers in New York City. Everything I needed was in her practice. ORIENS has helped me focus and live my best life.

Elizabeth Carpenter is the best there is at creating an action plan for you! This is a place where you will receive top care and learn how to love and bless your mind, body and spirit."

-Ingrid Aybar, Attorney at Law


“I love acupuncture and it has helped me a lot over the years.

When I heard about Elizabeth Carpenter and what she was doing I was excited. When I leave a session, I feel incredible and it takes me a bit to realize why! I just got a 6-for-1 like I saw the doctor, the acupuncturist, the psychologist, the Reiki master, the chiropractor and the nutritionist all at once.

But even though her sessions give so much, they feel very simple. I always know what my next steps are, and they are always practical.

She is a clear teacher and communicator and a true healer.”

- Susan McFarley, Investment Banker


" I came to Elizabeth originally for back pain from a yoga injury, but that was only what brought me into her office, not what kept me coming back.

I was also suffering from something equally debilitating - unexplained exhaustion. Her approach to my treatment began with thorough questions about every aspect of my health and life and full analysis of my blood work.

Elizabeth's understanding of how the body functions, is truly amazing.  She saw my adrenal glands as being the real culprit to what turned out to be dysfunction of both my underperforming thyroid and related hormone levels.

Through supplementation, acupuncture and nutritional interventions my adrenal fatigue was successfully addressed and the rest of my body brought into balance. Simultaneously, she addressed my back and my stress, which was intertwined, through Bowen therapy, Harmonyum and Naam Philosophy, and meditation.

I was introduced to Elizabeth as an acupuncturist, but I feel this barely scratches the surface of who she is and what her practice encompasses."

-Christa Bache, New York


"A few years ago I was at CanyonRanch and they referred me to Elizabeth for when I returned to New York City.  She was not only their main NYC referral, she was there lecturing. I went to hear her and knew right away I had found the right person to help me through the medical and stress issues I was facing.  Since that time she has worked with every member of my family.

Unless it's an emergency, I call Elizabeth first and our MD second."

-Ann A., Film Producer


"Elizabeth and her dedicated team have changed my life and opened up a whole new world for me! When my doctor told me that my only option for my fibroids was a hysterectomy, I decided to try acupuncture and was referred to Elizabeth.

I was very nervous at first as this was a completely new experience for me. But Elizabeth’s compassion and thorough assessment allayed any fears I had and after my first session, I felt results.

After three months of following her plan, my symptoms are virtually gone.  The environment at Oriens is a nurturing place that allows one to heal and feel very supported.

I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Elizabeth and her team!"

-Donna M., Graphic Designer

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