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Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Our prescribed nutrition programs take the functional medicine approach, using Earth’s pharmacies as medicine – herbs, food, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other natural substances.

Distinct from conventional bio-medical symptom suppression, this approach eliminates symptoms by resolving the causes of dysfunction. We look upstream to discover the mechanisms behind symptoms.

You don't have to have an illness to benefit from functional nutrition. Building your health is the best anti-aging and well-living investment you can make. Functional nutrition will help you create healthy cells, the foundation of a healthy body.

Evaluation > Prescription > Implementation > Results

Evaluation of both your current status and your progress is based on evidence. That includes information from sources such as your own report on what you are experiencing, assessment forms and tools, and outside measures such as your physician’s reports of lab work, imaging, etc.

Prescription: We respond to these markers of how you are functioning, by prescribing natural remedies aimed at the cause and symptom level simultaneously, so you begin to feel better immediately, even as you begin working on your bigger goals.

Implementation: If you would like extra support in integrating your nutrition plan with your lifestyle, consider engaging in Meal & Lifestyle Planning Support.

Results: As you respond positively to treatment, your markers change. Therefore we adjust your prescriptions to reflect and maintain your next level of health.


Meal & Lifestyle Planning

This is the art of using food and the choices you make every day (in a restaurant, at the office, at home) to create abundant health—without sacrificing pleasure, fun or flavor.

We employ the “crowd in/crowd out” approach. As you begin including good things and activities that build your health and stabilize moods, have more mental clarity, eventually, you have crowded out many of the foods and behaviors that were making you sick. No deprivation. Synching your lifestyle to be in support of your goals will lead you straight to them!

Practicalities Include: Learning to read labels, delicious recipes, how to order off most restaurant menu, breathing exercises for metabolism and weight management, tips and coaching to eat well and be well.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”


Detoxification & Weight Loss Programs

These herb and nutrition programs are designed to help the body rid itself of accumulated toxins.  All programs can be woven into normal everyday living and working.


2-3 Week Programs

These programs are for those experiencing difficulty with excretion, and/or those who have recently overindulged. They use herbs to safely help the body’s main detoxification organ, the liver, more effectively discharge toxins through the body’s larger detoxification portals of colon and bladder.


60-day Cellular Detoxification Program

Most of us will benefit from deeper detoxification, directed to the cellular level, where health is created and maintained.  Healthy cells are the foundation of a healthy body.

Cellular inflammation drives common ailments such stubborn weight, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, stress, sluggishness, lack of mental clarity, chronic digestive problems, etc.

Cellular inflammation is also recognized as the core cause and common thread of 21st-century illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome & obesity, arthritis, Alzheimers and more.

* Oriens treatments and programs integrate well with biomedical care.  Energy medicine and mind-body practices are not a replacement for care and monitoring from your physician.