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Elizabeth Carpenter, MS., L.Ac.

is a featured speaker and presenter for both small and large organizations. Known for her dynamic style and the ability to move attendees to personal breakthrough, her talks engage, motivate & inspire!

Keynotes & Talks

Where Your Mind Goes, Your Life & Body Follow
Creating Resilience in an Age of Uncertainty
Claim the Life & Health You Deserve

Talk & Group Hypnosis

Are you looking for an exciting speaker and experience for your organization that will empower attendees personally and professionally?

This is a powerful, high impact hour.

Elizabeth teaches your group how their minds work then does group hypnosis where each attendee sets the goal they wish to reprogram their mind to achieve. They can record the hypnosis on their phones to play anytime and hardwire their transformations.

To invite Elizabeth to address your group

212.213.5785 | info@elizabethcarpenter.com.