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The Overcoming Infertility Program

This program has helped many hundreds of women conceive and carry full-term pregnancies, delivering healthy children.

Evaluation & Diagnosis, Acupuncture, Hands-on bodywork, Chinese Herb Prescriptions, Supplement Protocols, Dietary Plan, Self-Care Action Plan, Counseling, RTT & other Hypnotherapy, Text & Email Support, In-it-with-you Guidance.

If you haven’t yet, please read about the Fertility Breakthrough Intensive.

Most patients enter the practice through Fertility Breakthrough Intensive because you get the high-impact components of The Overcoming Infertility Program upfront. That’s why I created the Intensive – to get leverage quickly, and fast track your results.

But you can begin here, in The Overcoming Infertility Program. What’s the difference?

The short answer is pace.

The deep dive East-meets-West evaluation (see Fertility Breakthrough Intensive) will be your New Patient visit.

Then we begin weekly consultation & treatment follow-ups.

Each 60-minute follow-up provides up to 30 minutes of consultation/counseling time, followed by a hands-on treatment. That is most often acupuncture. But it could be bodywork to realign your pelvis or other areas that may be compromising your fertility.

You’ll do RTT (see Fertility Breakthrough Intensive) later - when and if you’re open and interested in going deeper to discover secrets only your subconscious mind can show you, about why you’re experiencing infertility. These are issues that are hidden from your conscious awareness.

Same with your Fertility Nutrition drill-down detail session (see Fertility Breakthrough Intensive) – you’ll schedule that when you’re ready.

Acupuncture for Infertility

You’ll notice the acupuncture here is different from most fertility acupuncture clinics. You won’t get the same protocol every week. That’s because I’m tracking you in a tiered process. We have to solve the big picture, and we have to take advantage of the exact moment you’re here for treatment.

Every phase of your menstrual cycle – follicle recruitment and development, ovulation, early luteal, premenstrual, menstrual – has a unique opportunity built into it to escalate your fertility. Every phase prepares the success of the next phase, and of the next cycle. Success accumulates. So my approach is to always strengthen the cycle phase you are in at treatment time.

Big Picture
Simultaneously I always use your acupuncture to address the overarching patterns and higher-ranking-than-fertility priorities your body needs to resolve BEFORE your body let's you fall pregnant and carry full term.

That's right. As much as you want a baby, the body has it's own priority ranking system. You can't cheat because it's not possible to cheat. So we solve those issues WHILE we supercharge fertility itself.

Thus, each treatment’s acupuncture point strategy is very specific and strategic. And that's why most women in the practice get and stay pregnant, delivering healthy children.

In It With You
By the time you are reading this you are probably already fatigued with how long you’ve been trying, and feel like time is running out, lost and awful.

This program is meant to be an incredible support to you.

Having helped many hundreds of women create their families, what’s new and scary to you, is a road I’ve walked countless times. I’m here to guide and support you, kick-around and talk through whatever you need to face or discuss, help you consider medical options, and of course, give you everything you need from the mind-body and natural health side to be successful.

The program is designed to take down anxiety and fear, and empower you toward pregnancy and birthing a healthy child.

Program Details

IMPORTANT NOTE: The program automatically converts to a Well-Pregnancy Program when you conceive.

When you enroll in the program, you get 15 credits to apply toward appointments. It's a credit system because not everyone will need or do the exact same types of appointments.

Thus some women will do the whole program in 3 months. For others, it will be 5-6 months. It all depends on how many of what type of appointments you have.

Credit Usage by Session Type

  • New Patient Visit – 3 credits
  • Follow-ups – 1 credit each
  • Nutrition Counseling – 1 credit
  • RTT (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy) – 4 credits
"When I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Syndrome my hopes for having a baby were shattered. 
With an FSH of 134, I had almost no chance of conceiving naturally. 

After many tears, I found Elizabeth who restored my faith and body. 

With acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and a new diet plan, I floored my RE. who stood in amazement as we saw a little heart beating on the ultrasound screen.

~Rocio Cota-Solar, PT, DPT

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